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You’ve made it to the photography page! Thank you again for stopping by and taking the time to peruse Certain Dark Spaces. I spent a lot of time searching through past and present photos, nitpicking and agonizing. Art, like most things, is an evolution so I did not want to leave any early photos out. You’ll find photos I took as early as 12 years ago when I began my passion for photography. I often look at those photos now and cringe because they do not reflect the where I am at now, both in life and in my photography. But, like I said art is an evolution and I want to share it all. I hope to go in more detail as I post so don’t worry I am not leaving you out on the raft without a paddle. So I hope you enjoy your time here and if you don’t then that’s okay too. I love to talk about photography and am always keen to learn so feel free to comment and strike up a chat. I am all ears!

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