Writing Space

Welcome to the Writing Space! This page has been the most difficult for me to create. I have always been overly self conscience about my writing and can honestly say that only handful of people have ever read a piece of my creative writing. I debated even including this page because the idea of regularly sharing my work seemed daunting. Unlike the Photography Space there will only be updated works as I never really kept any of my original writing. I am constantly coming back to rewrite and edit, or in most cases toss in the trash. Yes, I was that anxious about my work. I am never satisfied with any piece of my own writing, it always feels unfinished, incomplete, like I am missing an integral piece. Someone far more wise than me once said, “a poem is never finished, only abandoned” (W.H. Auden, paraphrasing Paul Valery). So I will abandon them here, and suffer in silence. Feel free to comment and chat about anything I post. I will try to provide any detail or explanation, however, my hope is that you discover your own meaning. Writing is a collaboration between the writer and the reader. I will give you the words, you may do the rest. I think that’s it! So, enjoy!

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