And I felt it

The rubber band

Wrapped around my ribs

Pulling me back



Struggling against the swelling distance

Holding on


Knowing that eventually

The band will break.

       – Leaving

Do not mistake my silence

As assent,

Or misread my calm

As approval.

I have spent decades

Holding back,

Building a barricade

To keep the storm contained

I did not want to be “hysterical”

But I am

I am a fire in a gust of wind

Wild and free


Step back while I scorch the Earth.

It is time




And when my guard is down

You enter


Like a chill

Creeping through a crack in the wall



I start to hold my breath

Trying to suffocate the memory of you.

Letting go


You coaxed me in the water,

Got me used to the idea of floating,

When, finally, I jumped in,

I was alone drowning in an ocean.

– The consequences of swimming

He hates the morning,

Though he is the Sun,

He longs to sleep at night,

Though he is the Moon,

He desires to be close,

Though he is a star in the Sky.

       – Contradictions

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